TGI Friday’s – Making Burgers Social


So here we have it, my first ever blog post and what better to write about than food and social media all in one!

I’ve decided to focus on one of the biggest and best menu relaunches that I’ve seen on social media so far. This is the launch of the new hand crafted burger menu at TGI Friday’s UK, including a secret burger!

@TGIFridaysUK have been really clever in using just one hashtag to bring some fun and free promotion to the launch, #BurgerFace. This allows their customers to send in their best picture of themselves wrapping their mouth around one of the new mouth watering burgers. The success of this alone can be found by simply searching for #BurgerFace.

Along side this, there has also been a buzz generated around a special secret burger that only a select brave few have tried! This secret burger is so delicious that they haven’t even added it to the menu yet.

While I haven’t had a chance to visit my local TGI’s yet, the teaser alone leaves me salivating. The only way to get the new secret burger is to give your waiter a knowing wink and let them know “I’ll have what Jack’s having!” as shown in tweets like this:

And this:

Not only has this generated an air of excitement around the new menu, but it’s added fun and interaction between the customer, the staff in store and the brand itself on twitter.

My twitter feed is currently full of #BurgerFace tweets and I hope it stays that way! I can’t wait for my next trip to TGI Friday’s so that I can take my own!

Well played TGI Friday’s. Well played!

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