Hello Fresh… Hello Disappointment!!

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Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while so here we go. My next blog post… A review of Hello Fresh!

While browsing my emails in early October, I came across my daily email from Groupon full of their usual deals for online courses, gadgets and weekend breaks however this time there was one offer that stood out to me. It was for a Bi-Weekly/Monthly fresh food delivery box from ‘Hello Freshat a whopping 69% off!

Subscription boxes are something that have interested me for a while and so does new food so this opportunity with Hello Fresh seemed like the perfect chance to give these a try and at the bargain price from Groupon, I had no reason not to.

I bought my voucher and eagerly signed up selecting the next available delivery date of the 21st of October. My wait for Hello Fresh began!

Roll forward to yesterday the day of delivery. Sadly I had work so my wife was at home eagerly awaiting our Hello Fresh delivery of “Award Winning Gammon Steaks”, “Tiger Prawn Risotto”, “A Speedy Lamb and Mint Meatball Tagine” and “Your Favourite Jambalaya”.

Come 4pm the delivery van turned up and handed over what seemed like an enormous box branded with the Hello Fresh logo with a hand rip cord to get inside. Sadly, I was too excited to open it to manage to get any pictures of the unboxing, but this is the sort of packaging you can come to expect from Hello Fresh.

Box - Hello FreshBox 2 - Hello Fresh

I must admit, I was impressed so far and the team over at Hello Fresh did a cracking job of packing everything up. All the veggies and small bits were to one side and there was an insulated bag full of the fresh bits with some icy cold cool packs inside. After taking everything out of the box, it seemed like a pretty decent haul. So far, so good.

All Items - Hello Fresh

Included with all the ingredients was a nice little welcome booklet, several vouchers and the 4 menu cards. This is where I must commend Hello Fresh as their recipe cards are very well narrated with clear diagrams of what you should be looking for at the various stages.

However this is where we started to notice a few little things that led to big disappointment. Firstly, the packet that Hello Fresh had sent the King Prawns in was open slightly at the corner. With this being seafood, it was a no brainer that we couldn’t use these, thus ruining one of the 4 included meals.

On top of this, we ordered a family sized box as, well…. We’re a family! There are currently 6 of us in the house and the website stated that we would be receiving 6 of the “Award Winning Gammon Steaks”. Safe to say I was a little gutted to find only 4 in the Hello Fresh box. There were a few other small things such as the smallest green pepper in the world being included and some not so healthy looking celery, but these were little things I was willing to overlook until I had noticed the other things.

So I decided to call up the Hello Fresh Customer Service team to see if or how they could help. I got through to a very polite lady who I have a feeling was new to the team as she had to keep putting me on hold to speak to her colleagues. She happily offered me a credit of 2 meals to my account however at this point I had already been on to my PayPal account to cancel the subscription fee as I didn’t feel the box was worth anywhere near the recommended £64.00 price tag, or even the lower price of £43 after my meal credit.

Because I had already cancelled my subscription I asked if there was anything they could do as I had already lost out on the amount I had paid via PayPal. The lady in customer service put me on hold and told me that Hello Fresh would only be willing to refund me £1 instead of giving me a £21 meal credit as this is the amount that they had taken to verify my PayPal account for future subscriptions. It seems like all doors have now been closed and they are unwilling to help me any further.

So, Hello Fresh, this is part blog, part open letter to you. Whilst I appreciate the gesture of 2 free meals, I still don’t want to pay the extra £43 to have to get another box to take advantage of these meals. Unless something else can be done, I’m sorry to say that I won’t be using your service again, nor would I recommend any one viewing this blog to do so either.

Hello Fresh has left a sour taste in my mouth for subscription boxes and when I had such high hopes, I now only feel disappointment. I have yet to cook any of the meals, however I’m already having to go out to the supermarket to pick up some substitute ingredients.

Goodbye ‘Hello Fresh’, Hello Disappointment.

Mike x

One thought on “Hello Fresh… Hello Disappointment!!

  1. Vicks

    Don’t give up on Supper Boxes! I have boxes from The Original Supper Box Co and would say definitely give them a go – they are not subscription based so you only order as and when you want – we had their Honey and Minted Lamb Stew with Nana’s Minted Dumplings last night from their Slow Cook Box for 2 people – it was totally scrumbags! They have a range of different boxes – as I say – don’t give up on the whole idea as it has saved me time, effort and planning – it is definitely worth a go! Their website address is http://www.originalsupperbox.co.uk/

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