Review: Baking Bad, a recipe book by Walter Wheat


Whilst travelling back from work one day, I tweeted @JustEatUK about a new advert they had hung on the train I was using. Complete with TV Box Set food puns printed on a takeaway receipt, it was a recipe for engagement.

The Just Eat social media team replied swiftly asking if I was going to be watching Baking Bad or The Walking Bread. What happened next, I didn’t expect… A tweet from Walter White Wheat himself!

After some to & fro, between Walt, Just Eat and myself, alongside a cheeky request, I had a copy of Baking Bad in the post on its way to me. A few days later it had landed on my door step.

Baking Bad Cover

Now I’m a huge fan of Breaking Bad, and alongside The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones, it is one of my favourite TV series of all time, so I was excited to give this a read. Now, there’s no meth-in around with Baking Bad. It is a straight up recipe book of delectable delights linked to the TV show.

The format of Baking Bad is split in to 5 different series, each with several baked goodies based around the corresponding series including ‘Blue Meth Crunch’, ‘Ricin Krispie Squares’, ‘Heisen(Batten)Burg Cake’, ‘Marie’s Light Fingers’ and ‘Chocolate Huell Log’.

Baking Bad Intro

Alongside each recipe in Baking Bad is a ‘Pure Rating’ to tell you how pure (or difficult) each recipe is according to Walter Wheat. As well as this you get a full ingredients list and comprehensive directions, including directional pictures exclusively from Walt’s kitchen. While ‘Mr Whites Tighty Whitey Bites’ are only 44% pure, the ‘Tortuga Tart’ is a whopping 98% pure and will keep you hard at work during the cook and will leave you with enough doses for 9 people.

Baking Bad Pure

While I haven’t yet had a chance to try any recipes in Baking Bad myself, it is a great little book for anyone who is a fan of Breaking Bad and there are goodies inside for people of all culinary skill levels.

Baking Bad Back

If you want to see more about Baking Bad catch Walter Wheat over on Twitter or Facebook.

At a RRP of only £9.99, you would be silly not to pick up a copy for yourself or a loved one!

Walter Wheat, I salute you. You are the one who bakes.



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