An Open Letter To The Best Mum I Know…


This is an open letter to the best mum I know… My wife, the Mother of our 3 children.

You are the glue to our family and I know that without you, we would have fallen apart a long time ago.

You are constantly giving up for us and not in the bad way.

Firstly, you gave up your body for over 9 months on three and a half occasions to provide shelter, nourishment and safety for our babies. Without this, I wouldn’t have even been able to write about your selflessness.

After this, you gave up your time. Waking in the middle of the nights for feeds, changing nappies, making dinner, feeding them when they’re little and helping mould them in the gorgeous, polite and caring children we have today.

Next you gave up your heart. You show us all a kind of unconditional love that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Even when they’re at their most naughtiest, and I’ve got on your last wick, I know that deep down your heart still yearns to give them the biggest, squishiest cuddle you can muster up.

When I lose my temper with them, you’re always there to give them a supporting hug and words of encouragement. While standing firm, you still manage to guide them in the right direction.

You’ve made the biggest sacrifice that anyone can make. You’ve surrendered yourself for the sake of them.

Being a mum isn’t about perfection. It’s about, love and care. It’s about being there and being you.

You do this better than anyone I know.

Happy Mother’s Day.

We love you x

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