Goodbye! On to Phase 2…


It’s been a bit of a weird few days to be honest. Due to some less than amicable circumstances, I felt forced to hand in my immediate resignation at the office I was working. This was due to the way their sometimes questionable absence policies work. I had somehow found myself backed in to a “jump or be pushed” situation. I decided to jump. I figured this would at least give me some chance of survival when I hit the floor. However I left without sending the customary ‘goodbye’ email.

Whilst I had it in the back of my mind that this outcome may have been the case, I don’t think I actually expected to have to say goodbye to the company I had dedicated my time to for the past 9 years. This isn’t going to be a ‘dish the dirt’ style expose. That simply just isn’t my kind of thing. This post is to simply say goodbye to all those great people I worked with since March 2008.

Working through nearly every department in the building and on contracted shifts over the full 24/7 of the week, it’s safe to say I met quite a few friends, some of which will be for life, others I barely had time to get to know before walking out the door. However, there are 2 departments that really stand out for camaraderie for me.

First up are the guys I met whilst working on the emails department. It was possibly the first time that I felt like we had a team that just gelled. Sure we had our ups and downs, but it was here that I met some people that I knew would be friends for life. There are 2 people in particular who both know who they are who I know that I’ll stay in touch with regardless of where we work.

After emails, I moved to the Social Media team and it was here that I spent the last 5 years, gaining more bonds with the biggest bunch of reprobates and misfits that I’ve ever met. God damn am I going to miss those guys! It’s with these guys that I’d seen my highest of highs (nominated for Colleague of the Year across the entire company) as well as my lowest of lows (#HitTheHay and ‘Midget Porn emails’).  But you know what? I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else! Some of these people are still there, but most have moved on to bigger and better things. Maybe now it’s my turn?

Being part of the social media team from day one, I got to witness our 16 person operation transform in to the largest social media department in Europe. I can’t say that all the changes were for the best, but they certainly were functional. 

Am I going to miss the company? Hell no! Sure, I’ll miss the routine, but damn am I glad to see the back of that place!! The daily grind with no variety was just too much. 

Sure it’ll might be the same wherever I end up next but it’ll be somewhere new and more importantly, a change. Who knows, I could even find my dream job!

Anyway I digress. This post is a dedication to everyone who made me smile, laugh, or just allowed me to chat geeky shit to about TV, films and music over the last 9 years. I hope you know who you are. 

Whether I knew you for 9 years or 9 days, this is a goodbye from me and here’s to the future!


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