Why I’m Voting Labour & Why I Think You Should Too!

Why I'm Voting Labour

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ll know by now that Theresa May has called a snap General Election to be held on June 8th. This post is why I’ll be voting Labour and why I think you should too.

If we’re going to be honest, this a two horse race. The Conservative’s are reportedly ahead of the rest of the pack at the polls and the only party with any hope in catching them is Labour. Between Scotland backing the SNP and the north along with other working class areas slowly turning to other smaller parties, Labour has a tough fight ahead of them… This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

Let’s have a think about it for a second. Do you want a party that has sold off parts of the NHS, waged a class war against poor, imposed unfair benefit caps leaving families struggling to survive and children hungry as they go to school? Do you want a party that is cutting funding to schools and disabled people, leaving them without access to the transport that they need to get around? Do you want a party that is continuing to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, being used to bomb hospitals, schools and markets? Do you want a party that is currently under investigation for electoral fraud and has also accrued more debt than every other Labour Party in their history…

I know I sure as hell don’t!

That’s why I’ll take the man who wants an affordable home for everyone. A first class education for everyone. Secure jobs where you get an honest days pay for an honest days work. A fully funded and fully staffed NHS that works together with a fully funded and fully staffed social care system. A man who wants peace and not endless war. A man who wants an economy that works for everyone and not just the 1%! I’ll take Jeremy Corbyn and I’ll be voting Labour!

However, not all Labour supporters feel that Corbyn is up to the job, but now is not the time to air those feelings. Now is the time to unite as a Labour party and get Labour in to government. Once we’re in and settled, then raise any grievances about Corbyn and take it from there.  I However, feel he’s the man for the job. Labour needs to stand united to get through this General Election and survive.

Sure, the Conservatives are ahead at the polls, but they’re dead set on driving everything that makes this country great, into the ground. This isn’t about whether you voted leave or remain in the EU Referendum or if you’re right wing or left wing. This is about the survival of our country and who you want leading the exit negotiations. If you don’t want it to be the Tories, you should be voting Labour.

Your vote can make a difference!

Your vote can make a difference! Image Source: http://www.conservatives2017.com/

You may not think your vote makes a difference, but it does. Around one third of the electorate failed to vote in the last election. If all of these people turn up on June 8th this could be the difference between a Conservative Government or a Labour Government.

If you haven’t done so already, please Register to Vote and head down to your local polling station on June 8th.

I’ll be voting Labour. Will you?

Mike x