My Reaction – Game of Thrones “Dragonstone” (Season 7 – Episode 1)


Is it Christmas yet? It must be, for Game of Thrones is back on TV and Winter has come! Bad joke? I’m not even sorry!

I’m going to try something different with this post. I’m going to watch the episode and as I do, I’m going to simply jot down my thoughts on what’s happening and post them here in some kind of listed order… So yeah, here we go! Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 1 – Dragonstone!

  1. We start with Walder Frey?! I’m guessing it’s a flash back…
  2. Two feasts in a fortnight!! Lucky chaps, Frey has plans… Big plans!
  3. Why didn’t Walder drink? My guess is poison? I’ve been watching this show far too long to overlook little things like that….
  4. “You didn’t slaughter every one of the Starks…”
  5. Hah, I was right, it was poison!! That’s a lot of dead Frey’s…
  6. Hang on now… IT’S ARYA!!! “Tell them the North remembers. Tell them winter came for house Frey!”
  7. What an opening scene!!!
  8. DUN DUN, DUN DUN DUN DUN, DUN DUN DUN DUN…. No way am I skipping past this intro…. Ever!
  9. White and eerie. We must be North of The Wall… Yup, there’s the white walkers… lots of white walkers. Eek! Including a White Walker giant… Uh oh!
  10. Bran is back, but heading south! He’s leaving a stark warning (Pun intended) at the wall about the Nights King coming…
  11. Jon wants to hunt for Dragon Glass as he knows from experience that this can kill the walkers. He also wants the North to train every man and woman to fight, from 10 to 60 years old! Some people aren’t happy but Lyanna Mormont soon puts them back in their place. I like this girl! She’s got fight in her!
  12. Jon asks the free folk to man the empty castles on the walk, starting with those closest to Hardhome. Tormund makes a joke that they’re now the nights watch!
  13. Sansa isn’t showing a united front by trying to undermine Jon in front of the Northern houses. Jon over rules her and allows the Karstarks and Umbers to keep their homes as long as they bend the knee to him. We’ve got some young leaders in the North now!
  14. Meanwhile, Cersei has sent a raven from Kings Landing. She’s asking Jon to bend the knee or suffer the fate of traitors. Kind of ironic considering she betrayed her own husband with her brother….
  15. Kings Landing is having a lick of paint With a map of Westeros on the floor. It reminds me of the guy who used to tell the weather on This Morning in the 90’s by jumping across a map of the British Isles!
  16. Cersei: “I’m the queen of the Seven Kingdoms!”
    Jaime: “Three at best!”
  17. Oops! Are you surrounded by enemies, Cersei? Oh wait… here come the other half of the Greyjoys… Cersei has formed an alliance with them as “Unlike the Freys, they have ships!” as Euron boasts that “The iron fleet is the greatest Armada Westeros has ever seen!”
  18. They’ve only just met and Euron has proposed to Cersei!! She tells him he’s not trustworthy. Clearly they have no mirrors in Kings Landing. “The surest way to a woman’s heart is a gift! I won’t return to Kings Landing until I have it for you!”
  19. Sam!! He’s down in Old Town training to be a maester. Apparently this is achieved by returning books and emptying bed pans. bad deal! Rinse and repeat, Sam… Rinse and repeat!
  20. What’s behind the gate? Oh, it’s the restricted area. Maesters only, sorry Sam! Jim Broadbent told you so, so you must listen.
  21. No Sam! Don’t do it, Sam!! Oh you silly boy… That’s going to come back to bite you….
  22. Back at Winterfell where Brienne is training Pod how to fight still and Tormund walks by grinning. I’ve decided that Tormund grinning at Brienne is my favourite grin of all kinds! I may have to start adopting this grin for my own use!
  23. Meanwhile up in the rafters Sansa is throwing all kinds of shade at Baelish! “No need too seize the last word Lord Baelish. No doubt it was something clever…”
  24. Ed Sheeran?! Is there anywhere this guy doesn’t get?! Oh wait, he’s flanked by “Shaun” from This is England! Thomas Turgoose is as kind as ever. What a lovely lad! “My mother a!ways told me to be kind to strangers” Your mum would be proud!
  25. What a lovely bunch of lads they are… Oh wait, here we go… “Why is a lovely girl on her own going to Kings Landing?” “I’m going to kill the queen…” Queue awkward laughter!
  26. The Hound is still with the brotherhood and its snowing! I’m guessing they’re heading North. He’s scared to go into empty houses… Oh wait, this is where he stopped with Arya as they were travelling North before!! (Season 4, Episode 3)
  27. Beric and The Hound have a chat about The Lord of Light when The Hound comes out with this belter! “If he’s so all powerful why doesn’t he just tell you what the fuck he wants!” This guy is on fire tonight! Not literally though, as he’s scared of the flames. I’m not surprised after being half buned when younger and now seeing thousands of White Walkers in the fire! I guess the Lord of Light has a purpose for him afterall.
  28. Another one liner from The Hound towards Thoros of Myr. Zing! “You think you’re fooling anyone with that ‘top knot?’ Bald cunt.”
  29. Sam is looking through his stolen books and has found a map of Dragonstone with a mountain of Dragon Glass under the ground!! Off he trots to send a raven to Jon. No doubt this is the catalyst for Jon meeting Dany!
  30. A brief cameo from Jorah Mormont’s arm and we’re off to Dragonstone where Dany has finally arrived in Westeros. The dragon queen is home and ascends the steps to the castle with huge gates flanked by giant dragon heads.
  31. Dany pulls down Stanis’ old banners. Hopefully we’ll see the 3 headed dragon in it’s place shortly! She walks past her throne and into the war room…. She’s at the head of the carved table of Westeros now with Tyrion at her side…
  32. “Shall we begin?” YES!! LET’S DO THIS!!


Damn that was an awesome first episode!

Highlights for me, apart from The Hound, simply has to be that opening scene! I mean, I’m used to twists and turns with Game of Thrones, but that one threw me right off! Arya is back and on form. I can’t wait to see what disguises she uses once she get’s tpo Kings Landing.

Dany arriving at Westeros is obviously a huge step in the story as well and I’m intrigued to see how well she receives Jon Snow, although with Tyrion at her side, that should go fairly smoothly as they seemed to connect all the way back in season 1 at the wall.

Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below or via Twitter on @8dayssooner and let me know which parts you enjoyed most too! If you want me to do more blogs in this style, let me know and I’ll try and do them for the entire series.

Mike x


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