My Reaction – Game of Thrones “The Spoils of War” (Season 7 – Episode 4)


After seeing this episode had leaked over the weekend and the reaction from those that have watched it early, it’s easy to say I’m pretty eager to see this episode! Don’t forget to check out my reactions to previous episodes here.

  1. Wow, there’s loads of places on this map now. I keep forgetting just how big this world is!
  2. The Lannister’s are on the move with the Tyrell’s gold. I smell an ambush coming on! Bronn gets a bag full of gold but as always he’s left short on the debt he’s owed. Give the man his castle, Jaime!
  3. The iron bank is super happy that the debt is going to be paid in full. To be fair if that much gold landed in my lap, I’d be ecstatic too!!
  4. Baelish is presenting Bran with the dagger that was used to try and assassinate him all the way back in season 1. I still think Littlefinger was behind it all. No matter what he’s saying, he always sounds so creepy!!
  5. “I’m not Lord Stark” You tell ’em, Bran! He’s the three eyed raven now! Although I can’t say I’m too fond of straight talking, softly spoken Bran. There’s something about him that’s just lacking in charisma. He’s essentially a “Get out of jail free!” card for the show. Found a plot hole? Don’t worry, Bran saw it! I do hope I’m wrong though and that this is all leading to a greater good…
  6. Arya is within sight of Winterfell! Are we in for another reunion. Yes, yes we are!! “I’m Arya Stark” “Arya Stark is dead!” Ugh… here we go…. I wish these gates keepers would just go tell Sansa!!
  7. Actually, the more this goes on, I kind of love these two gates keepers! “If you don’t go I’ll hit you right in your fucking face!” And Arya’s vanished! Sansa knows just where she’s hiding though. Down by Ned’s tomb! We now have 3 Starks in the same castle… Jon, hurry up and get home, would you!!
  8. “They say you killed Joffrey, did you?” Asking Sansa the important questions, Arya!
  9. The 3 Stark’s on screen together for the first time since season 1! Obviously, Bran already knows about the list and her journey!
  10. Woohoo! Arya has Valyrian steel!! I’m guessing she’ll be fighting some White Walkers alongside Jon!
  11. Missandei isn’t one to kiss and tell but “many things” happened. There’s not really much you could have done with a eunuch to be fair…
  12. Jon has found the dragon glass and gives Dany a guided tour. On your left rocks. If you look to your right, more rocks. Follow me straight on to see some cave paintings!
  13. It turns out they depict the children of the forest and the first men fighting together against their common enemy. That’s a pretty accurate cave painting of the white walkers though! Dany now believes Jon and swears to fight for the north. About damn time!! “When you bend the knee” Ugh… here we go again!!
  14.  Tyrion drops the bomb about Casterly Rock and the fact that all her allies are dropping like flies. “What kind of a queen am I if I’m not willing to fight!” She’s given up on Tyrion it seems. Jon Snow others some wise words that aren’t too different from Tyrion. It’s time for change Dany! People want a leader, not a ruler.
  15. Pod is keeping up with his training, although against Brianne isn’t getting very far. Arya wants Brienne to step up her game and train with her instead! She’s twice your height Arry!! Arya’s training with Syrio and time in Bravos is paying off. She moves so smoothly!

    Brienne: Who taught you how to do that?
    Arya: No one…

  16.  Little finger seems impressed with her new found skills but Arya can smell something is up with him. Let’s be honest, with the way he creeps from afar, it’s not hard!
  17. Davos has noticed Jon staring at Danys “good heart”. If only they all knew that Dany is really Aunt Dany!! A Greyjoy ship is inbound in the background. It must be Theon as Euron wouldn’t travel alone… Yep! Jon is now face to face with the man that betrayed his brother and he lets him know he’s only alive because he helped Sansa!
  18. Theon is here to see Danaerys but apparently, Dany has gone for a trek on her dragons… and we cut to Jaime and Bron. Are the Westerosi about to see the dragons? Bron finds the name ‘Dickon’ just as funny as I did!
  19.  What’s that noise? What’s that coming over the hills, is it a Drogon? Is it a DrogonNerves are building…. The Lannisters get in formation… It’s the Dothraki!! FIIIIGGHHHTTT. This should be interesting.
  20. And there’s Drogon! DRACARYS!!! Stop drop and roll boys. Stop drop and roll! Let’s be honest. This is going to be a slaughter…Jaime orders archers to get ready. Will the archers hit Drogon? Yes but apparently he has tougher skin than in the fighting pits…
  21. Wait?! Is this Dothraki warrior going to be the end of Jaime?! Surely not… Dickon saves the day! On the other side of the field, another Dothraki warrior takes out Brons horse. Forget the gold Bron, just save your ass! Get out of there!
  22. This is one stupidly well-shot scene. The confusion and panic in Bron trying to find his way around the battlefield is fantastic! Top work!
  23. That’s where he was going, Pycelles giant cross bow! Bron loads it up, but will he get a clear shot with all this smoke?
  24. I wonder if Jon knows Tyrion is watching this all unfold and vice verse?
  25. Don’t get too close, Dany!! Bronn shoots and misses. That was a close call. Dany spots where the shots are coming from. Please don’t kill Bron!!! He gets the second shot right in Drogons wing. But Drogon recovers. Man this in this is some tense viewing.
  26. Bye bye cross bow You’ll be ash before long. Next time, make it from steel or iron!!
  27. Jamie sees Danaerys on the floor, grabs a spear and heads for her but drogon is all “Nah mate, that’s my queen you’re charging at” as Jamie runs her down, fire building in Drogon’s throat!
  28. A shadowy figure charges and saves Jamie (My money is on Bronn) by pushing him into a lake just as Drogon shoots fire. Don’t drown after all that effort!!!
  29. And we cut to credits?! What the hell!!! Argh, I need more Game of Thrones already!!! That can’t have been an hour?


Well, that was a far departure from last week! While the first half was full of plot movements and catchups, the second half was just pure, unadulterated action!

I’d be stupid if my highlight wasn’t that huge battle scene outside Kings Landing. While we had a different director from Battle of the Bastards in Season 6, episode 9, they still managed to capture the essence of how fighting a battle back then must’ve felt. This was especially prevalent in the scene with Bron after being knocked from his horse, combined with a fantastic score, really drew you into the battlefield yourself. Top work from everyone involved. I was on the edge of my seat for it all! I hope this continues through to the last 3 episodes.

As for downsides, I wanted to see more of Pod and Brienne. I feel where they’ve cut 3 episodes from the series, the smaller characters aren’t given as much of the limelight. Here’s hoping we see some more in the coming episodes.

Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below or via Twitter on @8dayssooner and let me know which parts you enjoyed most too! If you want me to do more blogs in this style, let me know and I’ll try and do them for the entire series.

Mike x


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