My Reaction – Game of Thrones “Eastwatch” (Season 7 – Episode 5)


Here we go, episode five out of seven. This is passing far too quickly! I’m not sure what to expect this week, although going by the title, I’m assuming we’ll be back at the wall at some point! Don’t forget you can check out my reactions to previous episodes here. The intro is rolling… Let’s go!

  1. Bronn is alive! And so’s Jaime! No surprise to be honest. Those two need to have a more majestic death as Bronn notes…

    “A dragon doesn’t get to kill you. You don’t get to kill you. I get to kill you!”

  2. As Tyrion looks deep in thought, the Dothraki scavage for armour on the battlefield! I mean, you can’t really blame them. Cloth doesn’t offer much protection.
  3. It looks like Daenerys is hosting the Lannisters at a conference on that rock! “I’m not here to murder…” Are you sure Dany? Do you not remember what just happened?
  4. Tyrion seems to be having second thoughts about Dany after she tells the Lannister army they’ll die if they refuse to join her! No surprise that the Tarley’s are refusing to bend the knee, Randyll is a stubborn old man! Oh Dickon. Just bend the knee!! Your dad may be stubborn but you don’t have to be! A lad lost too soon.
  5. “I’m not beheading him.” Wait, are they dragon fodder?! I suppose a dragon has to eat… Oh, wait, nope, just burnt to an ash! Extra crispy… Looks like Sam is the last of his name but he’s sworn to the Maesters!
  6. “How many men did we lose?” Umm all of them, Cersei. They’re either ash or fighting for Dany! Time for Cersei to learn a  few home truths. You’re not going to win this war! By the way, Joffrey was murdered by Olena so that she could control the 7 Kingdoms through Tommen and Maergery.
  7. Drogon lands majestically in front of Jon… let’s be honest Jon you’re brave! I’d need to change my trousers about now… Out comes the Targaryen in him. He’s petting drogon like a little puppy! He’s even purring! Dany is either confused or turned on about now… Maybe even both?
  8. Jon seems to still want to keep his resurrection a secret. “Davos gets carried away!” Jorah the Explorer is back and cured! Just like she asked of him. And he’s back in service. Jon reminds him that his dad was a great man.
  9. Bran is doing his creepy eye warging thing as loads of ravens leave Winterfell! And over the wall they go…Oh wow…. just a few white walkers!! The Nights King picked bran out with no effort. I wonder what that means? I’ve heard a few Bran/Nights King theories this week so my curiosity is peaking on this story now!
  10. Down in Old Town and the Grand Maesters are talking about a crippled boy who claims to have seen an army dead with the help of a Raven with three eyes! Sam is stood in the background and knows it’s Bran straight away! The Maesters are having none of it though. Sam begs the maesters to put their weight behind the information as it will make the Lords head north and fight. They’re not too sure though. Fools!
  11. Varys used to be the one to take traitors to Aerys to be burnt alive. There’s a lot of comparison between Dany and Aerys at the moment.
  12. Jon had the scroll from Winterfell and now knows that Arya and Bran are alive and that the army of the dead are marching for Eastwatch. Jon wants to go back and asks Dany to fight with her but she’s worried that Dragonstone will be taken in their absence. Tyrion thinks it will be better to prove to Cersei that the walkers are real. I think they’re off to capture a wight!
  13. Ok, so the plan is this. Davos is going to sneak Tyrion into Kings Landing to have a secret meeting with Jamie about showcasing a white walker. Meanwhile, Jon and Jorah will head north to capture said White Walker to bring back south!
  14. The Northern Lords seem angry that Jon isn’t there and wish they’d chosen Lady Stark to lead the North instead. Arya knows that Sansa really wants to be queen and calls her out on it. Tension in the Stark ranks is building! Cut it out girls, Jon will need your support!
  15. Davos has business in flea bottom?! Curious! Nothing has been mentioned about that so far…Tyrion is face to face with Jaime and they work through some “family issues”, namely Tyrion murdering their father.
  16. Davos is at a blacksmith. Please tell me we see Gendry!! THE PRODIGAL BASTARD IS BACK!!!

    ”I wasn’t sure I’d find you here. I thought you might still be rowing!”

    He’s been hiding out in Fleasbottom the entire time. Davos is ready to sell the story to get Gendry to leave but he just wants to up and leave! He’s ready to go Davos!

    Davos: You might want to bring one of those swords!

    Gendry: I don’t know much about Swords, but I know about this!

    Oh, look a war hammer! Didn’t Robert use to have one of them?

  17. Fermented crab sounds like a fun night!
  18. The two guards on the beach remember looking for a Dwarf matching Tyrion’s description! OK… Gendry didn’t lie, he can certainly swing that thing! those two guards are nothing to worry about now.
  19. Jaime drops the armistice bomb on Cersei’s head and that they Tyrion will provide proof of the army of the dead.
  20. Cersei has better news to share though. She’s pregnant and wants to tell everyone that Jaime is the father…
  21. Davos begs Gendry to give a false back story to Jon but he just rushes in and tells him everything.

    Gendry: Our fathers trusted each other, why shouldn’t we?

    So I guess Gendry is heading North of the Wall with his hammer! I can’t wait to see what damage this causes… Just do yourself a favour and strap some Dragon Glass to it! Davos has some great lines tonight!

    “Don’t mind me. I’ve only lived to a ripe old age!”

  22. Well, as much as I’m upset that this may be the last scene with Jon and Dany for a while, at least Jon leaves Dragonstone before we have any more incest in this show!
  23. Gilly is reading through scrolls with Sam and is more than happy to tell him the numbers of steps and windows in Baelors Sept. High Septon Maynard recorded everything even his own bowel moments!
  24. Gilly asks what “Annul” means as apparently High Septon Maynard annulled Prince Rhaegar’s marriage and remarried him at the same time?! What does this mean for Jon? Were Rhaegar and Lyana married? Does this mean Jon is true born? This gives him a greater right to the throne than Daenerys! What an information bomb that was!
  25. Sam didn’t even hear what Gilly said! He’s too annoyed about the Maesters!! Listen to your woman, Sam! He heads back to the restricted section. Scrolls galore back here! Is there a sorting hat too? I wonder what house Sam would be in if he were at Hogwarts…
  26. Ummm where are you going, Sam?! You almost had it!! Looks like he’s given up on his Maester dreams. Does this mean he’s free to continue the Tarley name or does he go back to being a man of The Nights Watch?
  27. Little finger is in the kennels being whispered to but Arya is watching it all… What’s been said? She’s like his shadow! She really doesn’t trust Baelish. I don’t blame her though. He’s a shady man! The Maester of Winterfell has taken a scroll to Baelish and it’s the only copy in Winterfell. What does it say?!
  28. If I were an old scroll, where would I be? Stuffed in the mattress of course! It’s the scroll that Sansa was forced to write to Robb way back when! Looks like Arya got played though! Baelish is in the shadows watching her. Sneaky!
  29. We’re at Eastwatch and Jon and crew break the news to Tormund that they need to go capture a white walker. He doesn’t seem too impressed, especially as “The big lady” isn’t there!
  30. Tormund leads Jon to the cells as he has The Hound, Beric and Thoros captured! They argue over who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy, but in the end, they’re all fighting the same fight.

    Jon: He’s right, we’re all the same side!

    Gendry: How can we be?

    Jon: We’re all breathing!

  31. And north of the wall we go! Visibility isn’t too good though. Stay on your toes, boys!


As I expected, there wasn’t too much action this week. but then again after last weeks battle, it wasn’t needed. We just needed to sit back and catch our breath. There were some nice surprises and a lot of information to take in!

My highlight this week is finding out that Jon has a more legitimate claim to the throne than anyone else in Westeros! After starting the entire show with no claim to everything, he’s now on the brink of having everything. Alongside this, the return of Gendry was great to see, especially with his choice of weapon being a tip of the hat to his father. I can’t wait to see him in battle! Finally, Davos. He had some fantastic one liners and I feel that script wise, he fared the best this week.

On the other side of the coin, I was a bit disappointed that Jaime didn’t get to meet Cersei after the battle to deliver that message first hand. Also, given the title of the episode, I would have liked to see more of Eastwatch but that seems to be a build up for next week.

Overall it was a good solid episode and I can’t wait to see how this season winds to a close!

Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below or via Twitter on @8dayssooner and let me know which parts you enjoyed most too! Meanwhile, watch a preview for episode 6 below!

Mike x

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