My Reaction – Game of Thrones “Beyond The Wall” (Season 7 – Episode 6)


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard that HBO Spain leaked this episode an entire 5 days before it was due to be aired. Being someone who wants to avoid spoilers, I had to watch it as soon as I could! I’ve held off posting this blog until now to save any more spoilers being online. Don’t forget you can check out my reactions to previous episodes here. The intro is starting… Let’s roll!

  1. Dragonstone looks toasty, unlike the north!
  2. We’re a few hobbits short, but here’s the Fellowship of the Wight! We’re on our way North and Tormund gives us tips to stop our balls from freezing off. Classy.Tormund also gives Jon a reminder that Mance and his people died due to Mance’s pride of not bending the knee to the north.
  3. Gendry tells the Fellowship what Missandrei did to him. They’re not quite sure why he’s complaining after she stripped off in front of him. Maybe it’s something to do with the leeches
  4. Jon, don’t be silly! Longclaw is yours! Much respect for offering it back to Jorah The Explorer though. Jorah does the right thing and gives it back after bringing shame to his house.
  5. Arya lets Sansa know that she’s read the note and blames Sansa for her dad’s death “Now he’s dead by the Lannisters, with your help!”. Tensions are high between the Stark sisters! Sansa’s right to worry who will see the note. What if the other Northern Lords see it?
  6. The Hound and Tormund seem to be doing some kind of strange northern flirting. Tormund gives a great description of Brienne before Sandor replies with his own description “How does she look at you? Like she wants to carve you up and eat your liver?” You do know her!
  7. Beric notes that Jon doesn’t look like his parents! I wonder why…. He also notes that the lord of light brought him back for a reason although he doesn’t know why. I wonder if this is the Fire Wight theory that George R.R Martin has touched upon recently?
  8. Daenerys likes Tyrion because he isn’t a hero unlike the other strong men in her life which Tyrion oddly points out have all fallen in love with her (bar Jon… so far) “Jon is too short!” Ouch… awkward glance from Tyrion! Tyrion warns Dany not to be impulsive when they get to Kings Landing as Cersei will likely lay a trap. “When have I lost my temper?” Flashback to episode 4? Dracarys!
  9. The fellowship continues up the mountain! Isn’t this the point where they double back and go through the mines? No? Oh, wait, what’s that? They think it’s a bear but since when do bears have blue eyes? Up oh! Zombie bear ambush!! I’m guessing it’s time for some of the unknown wildings to die.
  10. FLAME ON!! Oh Thoros, you tried! This is some real Revenant style mauling going on. Those are some nasty wounds too. Ah there we go, I knew that flaming sword would come in handy. All sealed up and cauterised! If only visibility had been better, they could have got rid of those bears easily!
  11. Ugh, Baelish. He still creeps me out. Sansa wants to know where Arya found the note. Don’t lie Baelish, you know exactly where she got it! Baelish suggests that Brienne gets involved as she’s bound to serve if either Stark daughter is in trouble. What a sneaky rat!
  12. Tormund brings everyone to a halt quietly. The army of the dead is marching below them! Now how to get one of them? Looks like we have one of the White Walkers in the lead.
  13. Our heroes set an ambush and start to get a bit overwhelmed. Now that’s interesting!! Jon kills the Walker and the others collapse… Shhh Mr Wight!! You’ll attract more. Going by that rumbling. I call an undead ambush!! Yep. Let’s send Gendry packing to get a raven to Dany. If Gendry dies running back to Eastwatch I’m calling quits on this entire show!!
  14. Oh shit. That’s a frozen lake they’re on! And here comes the army of the dead from all sides… Who brought their arm bands? Looks like we’re at a stalemate and our heroes are trapped on a rock. Oh dear.
  15. Run Gendry, run!! And we’re at the gate!! This raven better be jet powered. I mean it only has to fly from the wall all the way south to Dragonstone.
  16. Poor Thoros! He didn’t even get a champions death. Our first big casualty and it’s to the cold! I wonder if Beric knows the verse to resuscitate him? FLAME ON!! It’s worth a shot, right?
  17. Jorah also noticed that the dead fell when the lead Walker was killed. Beric spots the Nights King watching from afar and knows him and Jon have to kill him. “If we kill him, we kill them all.” It’s only so long until the lake refreezes, Beric! Better come up with a plan now.
  18. Sansa gets the invite to Kings Landing for the zombie show. She’s not too interested though and wants Brienne to go in her place. Brienne doesn’t want to leave Sansa with Littlefinger though. She knows how slimy he is and is no doubt speaking to the other northern lords behind her back.
  19. Daenerys has had a change in costume and is dressed for the snow and wants to fly! That raven must have been quick! Tyrion thinks it’s too risky. It’s the only move that’ll work though! Thank the seven gods for her stubbornness! All 3 dragons are on the move. I get a feeling we’re about to see some epic Game of Thrones action!
  20. Awwwww man. The lake has refrozen! If The Hound hadn’t thrown that stone, would the dead have realised? Let’s send a few dead to rest the strength of this ice. One at a time boys, one at a time!
  21. Sandor has the right idea. Weaken the ice again!! Make them fall in. Meanwhile more unknown wildlings have fallen. Time to fall back to the rock! Tormund better not die!! Get off of him! My heart actually skipped a beat then! Tormund can’t die until Brienne and him make big monster babies. Sandor is my saviour!! That was worse than Jon Snow in being overwhelmed in Battle of the Bastards! At least Jon had his plot armour protecting him.
  22. We’re back to being surrounded but this time on a rock. Just keep fighting them off, lads. Keep them down and don’t let them on to your rock. You can do this, Help is on its way!! Here come the dragons!!
  23. Why doesn’t Daenerys just take out the Nights King now with her dragons?! #PlotHole
  24. That’s a big spear!! Keep your dragons safe, Dany!!Don’t follow Rickon. Make sure you zig-zag! Dammit! Down Viserion goes into the ice lake after a cracking throw from the ice king! And then there were two… Here comes another spear straight for Drogon. Dany swerves and Jorah nearly falls.Doesn’t this dragon have seatbelts?! We’ve only just got him back though so he was saved pretty easily.
  25. What is it with drowning in this season? First Jaime and Bronn and now Jon is underwater after volunteering to stay behind to fight the undead off!! Ok… Now I’m not too sure about this plot armour. Where is Jon?! Thank the seven gods!! He even has long claw back too. Now just the job of getting home safe… Uncle Benjen!! Looks like that Plot armour is secured. Why do all good Uncle Bens die? It’s like Spider-Man all over again.
  26. Sandor is getting into a little row boat with the captured wight. Sandor has had some great replies to people this week.

    Beric “We’ll meet again Clegane!”

    Sandor “Fuckin hope not!”

  27. Daenerys looks longingly off the wall. Is she hoping for Jon or Viserion? I hope not the latter, however up rocks Jon on Benjens horse. Speaking of Jon… Dany has now seen his stab wounds from the watch. I wonder if she’s put two and two together yet?
  28. Looks like Sansa has found Arya’s stash of faces. “Let’s play a game!” Is this SAW 26? I think Sansa is finally realising just how dangerous Arya is now.
  29. Werhey! Our man of the moment is awake again! Feeling sorry for himself and the loss of Viserion he wishes he could turn back time and never go North of the Wall. At least Dany wants to fight north of the wall now! Revenge time! Jon bends the knee and calls Dany his queen. Dude that’s your aunt by the way… calm it down a bit!
  30. Hang on, we’re north of The Wall again with the Nights King. I don’t like the look of this! Drag the lake… you’ll find it full of dragons? Great… now it’s 2v1 on the dragon front! My what blue eyes you have, Viserion!


Wow, what an episode! While there were some really tense moments, I don’t think there was as much shock factor as ‘The Spoils of War’ mainly due to how unexpected the ending of that episode was!

For me, one of the best bits of the episode was the bear attack. Don’t get me wrong, the following ambush was really good but I feel the bear attack had more tension. This was mainly due to the lack of visibility so you didn’t know how many undead-bears they were facing or where they were coming from.

As far as downsides go, I feel Jon’s plot armour has made him pretty much invincible until we reach the final stages of Season 8 so I wish they had put more of the ‘at risk’ characters actually at risk. Look at Tormund for example. I felt more worried for him that I did for Jon in Battle of the Bastards.

Now the Nights King has an undead dragon, I can’t wait to see what they have in stall for the season finale! Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below or via Twitter on @8dayssooner and let me know which parts you enjoyed most too!

Mike x

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