My Reaction – Game of Thrones “The Dragon and The Wolf” (Season 7 – Episode 7)


It looks like HBO has done something right this week, as the finale has remained under wraps…. Well, except for the plot outline that made its way on to Reddit! I’ve avoided reading this though so I’m thoroughly looking forward to what we have in store for the Season 7 finale!

Don’t forget you can check out my reactions to previous episodes here. Here we go for the final time this year. Let’s roll this intro!

  1. Grey Worm is looking as serious as ever. That’s hell of an army behind him, though! I wonder how he managed to escape Casterly Rock? Maybe Bran can fill in the details later…
  2. Since when has Bronn commanded a Lannister army? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame him being in a position of power!
  3. Ah, the Dothraki! Bringing the fun to all the parties. Bronn and Jaime don’t look so confident at defending Kings Landing should things kick off! Neither would I with that rabble outside the walls! Meanwhile, Jon, Tyrion, Davos, and company are arriving by sea.
  4. Everyone is heading to the dragon pits but no one has seen Daenerys yet. I bet she’s going to arrive in style! Brienne and Pod are also in attendance in place of Sansa and the Starks (shotgun that band name!)
  5. Bronn gives Tyrion and Varys a gentle reminder that they’re both traitors of the realm and to be wary of Cersei. Still no sign of Dany though…
  6. All these Lannister guards at each exit are making me nervous. Seems I’m not the only one! Euron and Theon are reunited, as well as the Clegane brothers!
    The Hound “Seems every bad idea has a Lannister cunt behind it” Tyrion “And usually some Clegane cunt to help see it through”
  7. Well, if you’re going to go to the dragon pits, you may as well bring a dragon! As predicted, Daenerys arrives in style. I hope Cersei hasn’t made more Scorpions…
  8. Euron tried to get mouthy but every just tells him to calm down and get back in his seat. Cersei still doesn’t seem too sure about the army of the dead. She thinks Daenerys is just using this as a chance to gain a bigger army to rise up against her. Time to bring out the wight! Sandor?
  9. What’s in the box, Sandor? Well, Cersei needs a change of underwear I’d say! She certainly looks nervous. I know I would be too after having a dead man run at me! Maester Qyburn, on the other hand, looks like he wants to use them as an experiment. Jon demonstrates how to kill them with fire or dragon glass!
    Jon Snow  “There’s only one war that matters. The Great War. And it is here!”
  10. Euron makes the wise choice of heading back to the Iron Islands after making sure the dead can’t swim! Loyalty isn’t strong with him…
  11. Cersei accepts to form a truce until the dead are defeated, however, she warns that The King in the North must stay in the north as a condition of the truth. Wonder what this means now that he’s sworn allegiance to Daenerys?
  12. Oh, here we go. Jon just dropped that knee bending bomb and Cersei cancels the truce. Brienne tries to get Jaime to see sense but loyalty runs too deep to his family. Turns out everyone’s angry that Jon told the truth. To be fair, if there’s any time for a little white lie, this would have been it. He’s not one to make an oath he won’t keep, much like Ned. Looks like Tyrion is going to be the one to try and make Cersei see sense! This should be interesting.
  13. Does it have to be The Mountain that guides him in? That’s hell of a size difference!! Looks like Jaime has already tried to talk her around but with no luck. Tyrion looks like he’s walking the mile as he heads into Cersei’s room.
  14. Apparently, Cersei is still bitter about Tywins murder and blames Tyrion for the death of Mycella and Tommen too. Meanwhile, Tyrion works out that she’s claiming to be pregnant. Oh dear! Is she really pregnant though? What would have been the point of the whole Maggie Frog storyline if she was just going to have another child?
  15. John is still feeling guilty about messing everything while Dany feels like giving a history lesson about the Dragon pits. Tyrion is back and still alive!! Oh wait, the Lannisters are in tow… Apparently, Cersei is going to March her armies north to help with the Great War. We’ll see. I still don’t trust her.
  16. Sansa doesn’t seem too pleased about Jon bending the knee either. Doesn’t help that Baelish is twisting everything trying to get her to take over as “King” in the North. He’s playing her off against Arya too. No surprise there. He can’t last much longer? Surely?
  17. Has he got Sansa under some sort of creepy spell? She’s repeating every word he says! Is he a faceless man himself? It would explain a lot. He’s convinced her Arya wants to be the lady of Winterfell.
  18. Theon and Jon have a heart to heart and Jon reminds Theon that for his sins, Ned Stark is still a part of Theon. Doesn’t look like the rest of the Greyjoy fleet want to help Theon rescue Yara, though! Fisticuffs! Theon wins the fight and takes control of the fleet after taking a knee to his scar tissue. Don’t think that’s going to hurt much!
  19. Sansa brings Arya to the great hall and has Bran sat with her. That’s a lot of guards.
    Sansa “You stand accused of murder. You stand accused of treason. How do you answer… Lord Baelish?”
  20. Oooh, sneaky! It looks like Bran’s vision has finally come in handy! He knows everything that Baelish has done, including that Baelish is the one that started the whole conflict between the Lannisters and the Starks by killing Jon Arryn. Sansa passes the sentence and Arya carries it out. Killed by his own dagger. How fitting!
  21. Jaime is preparing his March north but Cersei is going back on her words! Jaime still gets it though. They need to head north and ally with the fight. Oh wow, Euron hasn’t run away! He’s heading to Essos to pick up The Golden Company of 20,000 men!
  22. Cersei accuses Jaime of treason. He tells her she’s being ridiculous and walks away but the mountain steps in with his hand on his sword. He keeps walking past and The Mountain draws his sword. If Jaime goes down like this there’s going to be uproar! Phew! Looks like he’s safe and out of Kings Landing. Is he going to switch allegiance too? Oh, snap! It’s snowing in Kings Landing! Winter has come…
  23. Oooh Sam is in Winterfell! Are we going to learn of Jon’s heritage?! “You know the truth!” Truth bomb time! Bran visits the secret wedding and sees that Rhaegar and Lyanna were in love! Oh no, Jon. Don’t do it! Well, they say the Lannisters likes to keep their blood lines pure. Bran reveals that Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen!
    Bran “He needs to know. We need to tell him!”
  24. Where has Bran warged off to now? Ah, Eastwatch as a group of ravens again. Tormund and Beric look out from the wall. The army of the dead is here!! They hold a line in front of the wall. Where’s the Nights King though? Now that’s a fast a dragon! Looks like this wall is coming down. Is that a blue flame? Ice? What is it! Whatever it is, that wall is coming down!
  25. It’s coming out the other side of the wall! Looks like we’re making a hole for the army of the dead.
  26. Tormund, just run already!! The army march on through the wall. I mean, It’s a good thing they’re slow walkers!! But just how is Viserion flying with all those holes in his wings? This is going to make an interesting Season 8!


That was a fantastic finale! In my opinion, it’s possibly one of the best we’ve had, next to Season 6. I’d called the wall coming down for some time now, but to actually see it was phenomenal! I loved seeing all those major characters together in one scene at the Dragon Pits. Everyone’s paths are finally coming back together after going so far apart! On top of this, the reveal of Jon’s true heritage was great as it finally concretes popular theories once and for all. As far as pitfalls in this episode, there isn’t really anything I can think of off the top of my head. If I had to pick one, it would be Theon’s fight on the beach. It felt a little contrived, however, the look on his face when he took a knee to fruitless never regions was pretty funny. I’ll be writing up a season 7 review shortly so keep an eye out for that, but in the meantime let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below or via Twitter on @8dayssooner and let me know which parts you enjoyed most too! Mike x

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