On My TV This Week: 08/10/17 – 14/10/17

On My TV This Week

OK, let’s try something new again! I think I’m going to try and get weekly recaps of the main TV shows that I’ve watched in the previous week, a short synopsis, and what I thought of each show. As always, please prepare yourself for spoilers!

Fear The Walking Dead

Season 3, Episode 14 – El Matadero

In this episode we see Alicia trying to make her way on her own and encounter a possible ally. Ofelia starts to feel faint and leaves the rest of the group concerned and Nick revisits his old habits.

While this wasn’t the most exciting of episodes, we did eventually lose Ofelia after finding out she’d been injured back at the ranch. Unfortunately, this was before Daniel had managed to meet back up with her.

As slow as the episode may have been in places, I do feel that everyone is now in the right place ready for the upcoming finale.

The Gifted

Season 1, Episode 1 & 2 – eXposed & rX

The Gifted is a new show from the team at Fox, based in the Xmen Universe, although it doesn’t appear to fit in either of the movie timelines. However, don’t let this put you off watching it!

In the first episode, we meet our suburban family, the Struckers. Reed Strucker, the dad, is a district attorney and a mutant prosecutor. Little does he know (until about halfway through the episode) that his children are in fact mutants who have recently discovered their powers. His son, Andy, has a very public outburst of his powers which sends the whole family on the run from Sentinal Services and into the arms of the mutant rebellion.

From the first two episodes, this appears to have the same high production value as Legion with plenty of action and the right balance of story and character growth. I’d highly recommend this series to anyone who already enjoys the Marvel and Fox universes.

Marvel’s Inhumans

Season 1, Episodes 1-4

As expected from the title, this is the newest Marvel TV show, in what I’m assuming is the shared universe of the MCU. Moving sideways from the Inhuman’s plot in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  we meet the royal family of the Inhumans at their secret base on the Moon.

The King’s brother sets a plot to overthrow the Royal family and transports them to earth as the series follows the challenges they have to overcome to get back home and try and make all things right again.

I’ll be completely honest in saying that I expected big things from this series, especially as the first episode was billed as an IMAX experience, however, 4 episodes in and I’m feeling quite let down. Now that’s not to say that the series isn’t any good, as it is entertaining, but I just can’t help feel that it’s missing some of that Marvel charm.

If I had to pick between this and Fox with The Gifted, the latter would most certainly be my first choice.


Season 4, Episode 4 – The Dark Knight: The Demon’s Head

For anyone that hasn’t seen Gotham before, it’s a prequel series based around the rise of Detective Jim Gordon. The series starts with the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, so we also get to see Bruce Wayne grow through his teenage years along with the early formation of Batman himself.

In Season 4, sub-titled The Dark Knight, we’ve seen Penguin return to power and issuing crime licenses which allows anyone holding it, a free pass to commit crime.

As the sub title suggests, Bruce has also started to formulate his alter ego and in this episode we see him trying to find out more information about an ancient knife that he bought at auction. However he’s not the only one interested in this knife and some of Gothams more deranged members try to hunt it down too.

Overall, this definitely wasn’t a bad episode, however, unlike some of the previous episodes leading up to season breaks or finales, it certainly wasn’t at the top of the list either. It brought good progression to the overall storyline to move this season forward.

Mr. Robot

Season 3, Episode 1 – eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h

Mr. Robot is a series that I didn’t really get into until earlier this year. It focuses on a Elliot, a hacker who gets caught up in a scheme to bring down EvilCorp, a global conglomerate. It’s a psychological crime thriller that would be worthy of Hollywood, however is better suited to a serial format as it allows us to better dive into the mind frame of Elliot and Mr. Robot.

This was the opening episode of season 3 and picked up straight from the fallout at the end of season 2. Elliot starts to wonder whether what he did was really the right thing to do and sets about to undo his work and try and restore as much normality as possible to the world.

Remi Malik really shines in his performance as always and it draws you straight back into the world of Mr. Robot. It’s one I’m looking forward to progressing! A great season opener to a great show!

Roll The Credits!

So there we go, those were the main things I watched this week. There are a few other shows like Impractical Jokers, The Crystal Maze, American Vandal and one or two more, but nothing I felt would need to comment on.

Overall it wasn’t a bad week for TV for me and The Gifted would certainly be my top choice if I had to pick one show to suggest others watch too.

What have you been watching this week? How did it stand up to other shows you watch? Would you recommend them to anyone else? Let me know in the comments below or come find me on Twitter!

Until next time.

Mike x

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