On My TV This Week: 15/10/17 – 21/10/17

On My TV This Week

Welcome back to On My TV This Week! I’m going to start with a film this week and then move on to the series’ that I’ve been tracking. Thanks again for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy!

Gerald’s Game

Netflix Original Movie

Gerald's Game Netflix Poster

Gerald’s Game is a Netflix adaptation of a Stephen King novel of the same name. As with most pieces of King’s work, it’s a psychological thriller.

Gerald and his wife, Jessie, arrive at their secluded lake house in an attempt at a romantic weekend away to save their marriage. Gerald wants to try something new to rekindle their sex life and handcuffs Jessie to the bed frame.

Things get more heated between the two of them and before anything can take place, they have an argument and Gerald has a heart attack and falls off the end of the bed. It’s at this moment, Jessie realises that she’s stuck with no way of getting free.

As Jessie gets more tired and mind becomes more fatigued, she starts to realise that not all is as it seems as she tries to survive and escape her predicament. Between hallucinations of Gerald as well as her self, acting as her conscience over each shoulder, Jessie also has flashbacks to a major event between herself and her father when she was younger. Top this off with a strange deformed figure called the “man made of moonlight” and you get one great story!

For anyone who’s a fan of Stephen King, or just Thrillers in general, this is a must-see. It’s a well-produced straight-to-streaming movie that Netflix just seem to be able to churn out over and over again. Top work!

Fear The Walking Dead

Season 3, Episodes 15 & 16 – Things Bad Begun & Sleigh Ride 

Fear the Walking Dead LogoFear The Walking Dead wrapped this week in a two-part season finale. First, let’s have a quick recap! We start and the bazaar and see Troy and Nick learning that The Proctors are planning on attacking the Dam that Madison and Strand are heading back to for safety.

Nick and Troy manage to warn those at the dam, but not in enough time. Strand has already opened the gates and allowed The Proctors in. During all this, Daniel also interrogated Nick who told him that Jake led the horde to the ranch but Madison discovers it was really Troy and kills him while they’re planting C4 in the Dams walls.

Alicia arrives via dingy with Proctor Jon (Ray McKinnon) and tried to make a deal to keep her mum and brother safe. This all goes awry and we end up on top of the dam with Nick holding the detonator that’s rigged to blow the damn. Using this as leverage he sends his mum, sister and Strand to get a dingy out of there. Qaletaca picks off a few of the proctors before Nick blows the dam and the dingy that Madison and coo were in gets dragged back through the hole. The episode ends with Madison getting out of the water, however, we don’t see the fate of anyone else and are left waiting until season 4 to see who survived from the dingy, the dam and everywhere else.

Overall this wasn’t a bad episode and had enough of an interesting plot line to keep my attention for the two episodes, back to back.

I would’ve liked to see more of Proctor Jon as I enjoyed his acting style, and found it similar to that of his role as U.S. Attorney, Linc Potter from Sons of Anarchy. Ironically in SOA, he’s investigating a motorcycle club whereas, in FTWD, he leads one! However, just because we didn’t see more of him now, doesn’t mean that we won’t see him next season. We last see him running off the wall of the dam so I get a feeling he may just have survived the blast.

This also leads me to my next point of a Fear and Original TWD crossover storyline in the works. John mentions to Alicia that she can join him and “sail for what’s left of Houston” if she wants. In the original TWD story, Abraham spent a lot of time in Texas before meeting Rick and Co so I think it’s a safe bet that they’re bringing Abraham back from the dead for some prequel storylines.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what season 4 brings, however, The Walking Dead starts again next week so look out for my reaction to that week by week in the meantime!

The Gifted

Season 1, Episode 3 – eXodus

The GiftedThe Gifted continued through into episode 3 this week where we find 3 of the Struckers with the Mutant Underground while Reed is in custody with Sentinel Services trying to cut a deal for his family’s safety in exchange for the rest of the mutants.

Alongside the Strucker family, we also get to see some background story with the Mutant Underground, in particular, Eclipse and Lorna.

Once again, The Gifted has excelled in writing, performance and even special effects. I can’t wait to see how the story pans out and where Reed’s morals will lead him.

Mr. Robot

Season 3, Episode 2 – eps3.1_undo.gz

Mr Robot gets picked up in this episode with Elliot working to undo the effects of Five/Nine by taking up a job with E-Corp. He realises that this won’t be a quick fix and works at ways in which he can improve the infrastructure at E-Corp while stopping the collapse of the corporate world.

Elliot: Changing the world was never about tearing E-Corp down; it was about making them better!

Meanwhile, Darlene is stuck between a rock and a hard place by becoming an FBI informant on her brother, Elliot. Elliot spends most of the episode without Mr. Robot and appears to have his appearances under control, with Mr. Robot only making 2 key appearances. The first being in Elliot’s apartment, he finds Darlene sat at Elliot’s computer and makes her admit that she’s given the FBI access to his computer. The second is while in Krista’s episode, Elliot brings Mr. Robot out to speak to her, however, it’s not really made clear just how much control over Mr.Robot that Elliot still has.

While the first episode of this season was pretty focussed in on Elliot, episode 2 has allowed the show to start introducing back some of the key characters to allow the depth of detail that we’re used to.


Season 4, Episode 4 –  A Dark Knight: The Blade’s Path

Gotham Season 4 PosterWhere do I even start? Gotham seems to be getting more and more absurd as each episode goes on, however, I feel that this adds to its charm. It’s embracing the freedom of the comic book genre and adapting this to the small screen with great enthusiasm.

This week saw the return of Butch as some kind of white-haired beast named ‘Grundy’. He is almost akin to Frankenstein’s Monster, only with all original body parts. Ed and the newly named ‘Grundy’ team up to try and take on Gotham and Penguin while Ed works on getting his memory back to normal.

Meanwhile, Bruce is using the dagger from earlier in the series to face off against R’as Al Ghul after tracking him down to Blackgate Penitentiary. It’s only when R’as reveals that he was responsible for the death of Thomas and Martha that Bruce snaps and actually kills R’as. David Mazous does a great job at holding down the role of an angst-ridden Bruce Wayne. However, Jim Gordon doesn’t appear to have the same level of depth anymore.

Right at the end of the episode, we see Ed take Grundy to an underground fighting centre to try and win some money and raise capital to help them on their mission, however, the manager won’t let Grundy fight until he’s seen ‘The Doc’, who just so happens to be Lee Thompkins.

Hopefully, having Lee back in the picture will allow some more depth to Jim’s storylines. Regardless, Gotham is still a fairly solid show and a great way to explore the mythology of the Batman world.

Marvel’s Inhumans

Season 1, Episode 5 – Something Inhuman This Way Comes…

Inhumans PosterIf I’m completely honest, I’m only watching Inhumans still because I know that I’m already over half way through the series. I just don’t want to give up on something that I’ve already committed to for that long.

However, that being said, I feel that Inhumans should have been left alone inside the Agents of Shield series. The few Inhumans that they had introduced were flourishing and their storylines were deep and interesting. That’s a far call from this shallow series that Marvel has presented us.

All in all, this episode didn’t really grip me, however, we did see all of the banished Inhumans get reunited so I’m a little curious to see how they’re going to overcome the rebellion.

Roll The Credits!

Apart from that, there wasn’t much else I had time to really sit down and watch this week, however the shows that I did watch were pretty strong overall. Once again, The Gifted would be my stand out series of choice for the week, however, Gerald’s Game was a fantastic standalone that I would recommend to anyone!

With The Walking Dead returning this week, I may start doing standalone posts for them as I did for Game of Thrones, however what format I follow, I’m not sure at this point!

What have you been watching this week? How did it stand up to other shows you watch? Would you recommend them to anyone else? Let me know in the comments below or come find me on Twitter!

Until next time.

Mike x

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