On My TV This Week: 22/10/17 – 28/10/17

On My TV This Week

Welcome back to On My TV This Week! This week saw two major shows return to our screen. The Walking Dead and Stranger Things. On top of this, I managed to watch the entire series of Mindhunter, but there will be more on that below. Let’s do this!

The Walking Dead

Season 8, Episodes 1 – Mercy 

The Walking Dead LogoThe Walking Dead returned to our screens with an explosive season premiere this week.

After seeing Negan declare war on everyone else at the end of Season 7, we start Season 8 with Rick and our other survivors enacting a plan to draw a huge horde of walkers towards Negan and the Saviors.

I thought this was a fairly strong season opener. While not as strong as the previous season, I still feel it’s set the tone for what we have yet to come. I wrote up more thoughts and a full recap in a full post and will likely continue to do so weekly.

Stranger Things

Netflix – Season 2

Stranger Things LogoUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be fully aware that the 2016 runaway success story for Netflix, Stranger Things, has returned to Netflix for a second season!

Now, I’ve only seen one episode so far, so I can’t really talk too much about it but if the first episode is anything to go by, this will be just as big of a hit as the first season.

We rejoin the fantastic cast a short time after the events of Season 1, however as hinted at the end of the last episode, not all is right with Will after being saved from ‘The Upside Down’. We soon learn that he’s still seeing the Upside Down and gigantic alien type creature looming over the town.

As soon as I’ve watched more, I’ll be sure to write more on future posts!


Netflix – Season 1 (All episodes)

Mindhunter LogoMindhunter is one of the latest psychological crime thrillers to come to Netflix, based on the true crime novel Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit.

With a name like David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac, Gone Girl) behind the series as Executive Producer and Director for 4 of the 10 episodes, there was always going to be big expectations, and boy does this show deliver! Fincher takes us inside the FBI team that first looked at the psyche of serial killers in America to try and discover what makes them tick.

If you’re looking for big budget action, then look elsewhere, however, if fantastically shot scenes of tense dialogue are your thing, then make sure you watch this!

The Gifted

Season 1, Episode 4 – eXit strategy

The GiftedThis weeks episode of The Gifted serves as a ‘prison break’ episode as the underground plan to break Reed and Polaris out of holding facility they’ve been kept at.

The Underground get information of when Reed and Polaris are being transported between facilities and manage to stop the convoy by combining their powers. A figure from their past puts a halt to their plans leaving Reed and Polaris to become a bit more inventive with their escape.

Once again, The Gifted has really proved itself to be a top class series. Keep them coming!

Mr. Robot

Season 3, Episode 3 – eps3.2_legacy.so

Mr Robot goes back to the single character focused style of episode one for this weeks viewing. We jump back in time to the night of the hack, where Mr. Robot tries to shoot Tyrell, however, the gun jams and Tyrell takes this as a sign that he was destined to work with them and convinces Mr. Robot that he’s needed.The Dark Army turn up and take Tyrell away to a secluded cabin.

We spend the rest of the episode catching up with Tyrell being broken by The Dark Army before returning him to the city where we see him shoot Elliot. While in hospital, Angela tells Tyrell about Elliots split personality and we end the show with Mr. Robot waking from surgery, smiling.

As with any Mr. Robot episode, the key is always in the detail and alongside the main storyline, there are usually a few sub-plots and great little easter-eggs linking back to the real world. This week, we link back to the presidential campaign where it’s clearly commented on that Trump is a puppet for a much larger and darker organisation. Now whether this is true in real life or not, is for the conspiracists to argue over, however, I thought it was a great little easter egg.


Season 4, Episode 5 –  A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon

Gotham Season 4 PosterGotham once again reaches into the crazy world of comic books to present us with a serial cop killer, who wears a pig mask made from a real pigs head to hide his identity. Not only does he wear one, but he puts one on each of his victims too after exclaiming “Oink, oink, little piggy!” at them.

This sees Jim and Bellick tracing glues across the city with Jim eventually having to take a lead from information provided by Penguins’ crime license records.

On top of this, we see Grundy winning his first fights at the fighting ring that Ed has taken him too. We also find out alongside her work at the fighting ring, Lee has been moonlighting as a doctor for the poor since leaving Gotham Police Department.

Once again, Gotham deliver a solid episode

Marvel’s Inhumans

Season 1, Episode 6 – The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon

Inhumans PosterThis week on Inhumans our stranded Royal Family are brought back together and start to formulate a plan to get back to the moon and take Maximus out.

Along the way, we lose one of our stars who sacrifices himself to save the others and the humans helping them prove that not all humans are bad.

Maximus also overcomes an assassination attempt and executes all those involved.

While watching this episode, I couldn’t help but have the overwhelming feeling that this feels more like a soap opera than your typical Marvel show. The soundtrack is reminiscent of something you’d find on Dawsons Creek or The OC.

Roll The Credits!

My show of the week would have to be Mindhunter, however, I feel that if I’d had the time to watch more of Stranger Things then that top spot would be occupied by our 80’s monster hunters instead! I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into in this coming week.

What have you been watching this week? What did you think of the shows above? Would you recommend them to anyone else? Let me know in the comments below or come find me on Twitter!

Until next time.

Mike x

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