My Reaction – The Walking Dead “The Damned” (Season 8 – Episode 2)

The Walking Dead - Season 8, Episode 2

We’re back with The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 2: The Damned. What an action-packed episode that was! This episode jumps between four groups of characters so, in my recap below, I’ll go through the episode separately for each group of characters! Don’ forget you can find all of my other The Walking Dead posts by clicking here!

Spoiler Alert


Team Carol

At the start of the episode, Carol is teamed up with King Ezekiel and his fighters from The Kingdom. They’ve just attacked a member of The Saviors at an outpost, however, were unable to kill him. Before he fled, he unleashed a small group of walkers onto the group. They fight them off, including some bad ass action from Jerry with his gigantic double-edged axe.

Straight from the fight, they get to tracking the surviving Savior, but not before The King sends some of his men to unleash Shiva and follow on behind them.

The rest of the episode we pretty much just follow The King, Carol and company through the woods, tracking the Savior before Shiva catches up and mauls him via the use of some of the better CGI we’ve seen in a while for The Walking Dead (Let’s forget about the deer from Season 7!).

Carol speaking to King EzekielDuring the tracking scenes, you can see that Carol is getting a bit fed up with The King and they have a slight moment in woods where Ezekiel lets on that it’s all an act, to keep his men inspired to keep going!

Ezekiel: “Fake it til you make it, baby!”

Team Aaron

This storyline actually starts with The Saviors, sat outside doing maintenance on their weapons and various other bits and pieces. The lead member of this group tries to radio out to some of the other outposts and gets no reply, so sends word to put the base on lockdown. As she does, Team Aaron arrive in their armoured cars.

The Saviors - Season 8 Episode 2

Now, I’m not 100% sure if this team are out to kill The Saviors, take over the base, or simply just keep as many Saviors distracted as they can while Team Rick carries out their mission. Either way, they do take out quite a few of The Saviors as well as keeping them occupied and cornered.

Apart from shots being fired each way, not a huge deal happens here. This is mainly showing us why the following two teams don’t encounter more resistance and back-up. Unfortunately, Aarons boyfriend, Eric, is shot in the stomach at the end of their time in the episode and we last see Aaron moving Eric out of the line of fire. I guess we’ll catch up with them later in the season!

Team Morgan/Tara/Jesus

This group starts their story outside of the communications station that we saw Rick and co invade back in Season 7, however now there’s an added layer of security with a “zombie moat” around the outside.

After silently taking out the guards on the outside, our tactical hit team slowly work their way around the building with silenced weapons, taking out the saviours room by room. However, when they open one door, The Saviors fight back and shoot Morgan and two random Kingdomers, seemingly killing them all and raising the alarm of the attack.

In the meantime, Tara and Jesus find someone hidden in a cupboard who convinces them that he’s just a worker and not one of The Saviors. He has his hands in the air so Jesus is adamant that they shouldn’t kill him while Tara argues otherwise, however he soon surprises Jesus and ends up holding Jesus hostage with a gun to his head. One thing leads to another and Jesus overpowers him and ties him up on the floor.

The rest of the team notice that The Saviors are retreating and trying to escape, so our group go out through another exit and block them off, forcing The Saviors to surrender. Meanwhile, Morgan comes back around and works his way single-handedly through the corridors taking out The Saviours one at a time and leaving no survivors behind. We finish with this group with Morgan reaching them outside holding all of the surviving Saviors as a hostage when Morgan reminds them that they’re there to take them out, not leave them to survive.

Team Rick/Daryl

Rick Grimes - Season 8 Episode 2Daryl and Rick seem to be on what is possibly the most important mission of our 4 teams, finding the weapons cache. Using the information provided by our insider in The Saviors, Dwight (of which Rick remind Daryl has all been correct so far), Rick and Daryl head to a large isolated building and start taking out any guarding Saviors one by one.

After clearing the ground floor together, they head to the next floor and decide to split up to cover more ground. Daryl heads off as we follow Rick clearing out rooms one at a time. However, as he enters one room, he sees another door and approaches it. As he does, a member of the Saviors jumps him and we get treated to a huge fist fight between Rick and this randomer.

Rick eventually gets the upper hand and kills this Savior before finding the keys in his pocket to the other room. However, this Savior wasn’t guarding a room full of weapons, he was guarding a baby, hinted at being his own by the “Grace Be God” tattoo that we see on his chest. Rick is torn on what to do when a voice tells him to stand still and we get our big reveal for the night. Morales, from the camp in season one, is back!

My Thoughts

While this was certainly an action-packed episode, I don’t feel it held as much substance as other episodes have. I’m wondering if the writers are starting to pander to those complaining that there was too much story in the drama and not enough action.


Out of the four teams, I feel that Team Morgan had the most interesting story arc of the episode and it’ll be interesting to see where the in-fighting about “Surrender vs Kill” leads us to.

Morales - Season 8 Episode 2

However, I have to admit that out of all of the characters that we could be reintroduced to, it’s someone so minor that most people had forgotten about them. Sorry, Morales, but I had to google you to find out if I had actually seen you before. For those that can’t remember, Morales left us in Season one, Episode 5 as Rick and the rest of our camp left Atlanta to head to the CDC as they’d heard they were working on a cure. Morales, however, took his wife and child towards Birmingham instead. We’re yet to find out what happened to them, although I’m guessing that’s coming in future episodes.

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