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Welcome back to On My TV This Week! This week I finished Stranger Things 2 and put a full recap and review over in a separate post that you can find here. Because of this I didn’t manage to catch anything else new this week, apart from new episodes of my regulars, so here we go!

The Walking Dead

Season 8, Episodes 2 – The Damned 

The Walking Dead LogoThe Walking Dead was an actioned packed affair this week. We followed four sets of characters.

  • Team Carol tracked a saviour through the woods.
  • Team Aaron kept a group of Saviors busy.
  • Team Morgan went to capture the communications station.
  • Team Rick went looking for weapons.

While there was plenty of action this week, I feel like the story fell in a couple of places. You can find a full recap on my separate reaction post here.

Stranger Things

Netflix – Season 2

Stranger Things 2As I mentioned in my intro, I managed to finish Stranger Things 2 this week and what a season it was!

Like I mentioned last week, our regular cast is back and fighting bigger (and smaller) evils that in Season 1. Joined by some fantastic new characters, we see how Hawkins is coping in the wake of what happened in the first season.

Find a full rundown of the plot, the new cast members and what I thought over on my Stranger Things 2 review.

The Gifted

Season 1, Episode 5 – boXed in

The GiftedOn The Gifted this week we see the Struckers returned to the Mutant underground, however, one of the mutant refugees recognises Reed as having worked with the Sentinal Services in the past. Knowing this may present a trust issue, Reed decides to put himself out there to earn the trust of the rest of the mutants.

As with any TV show, there are a few hiccups along the way and our mutants end up kidnapping Turner (Sentinal Services). Dreamer enters Turner’s mind to try and find some vital information but in a rush to leave alters the part that reminds him that his daughter died in a mutant rebellion 4 years earlier.

Once again, The Gifted are putting out consistently engaging episodes. With only 3 episodes left I’m going to be a bit gutted when this has finished.

Mr. Robot

Season 3, Episode 3 – eps3.3_metadata.par2

Mr Robot jumps back to an Elliot central episode this week in which we see Elliot’s distrust of Darlene come to a head as he finds her new apartment, not knowing that the FBI is stationed upstairs.

Angela finds out that Elliot has been rerouting the paper records and has him fired so that she can work on getting them to a central location for Phase 2 to continue.

Darlene agrees to be an informant for the FBI but on the condition that she doesn’t have to wear a wire.

Overall, a great midseason episode and Mr Robot is really starting to play on the paranoia of Big Brother and the fact that theres something or somone bigger controlling the government.


Season 4, Episode 7 –  A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows

Gotham Season 4 PosterWe see the return of Pyg in this weeks episode of Gotham as he continues to terrorise the GCPD with a delivery of a large number of pig heads. One for every police officer, except Jim Gordon.

With Bullock also on Penguins payroll, Penguin sends in his hitmen to help the GCPD track down Professor Pyg. Jim isn’t too pleased and vows to find Pyg by himself.

It turns out Pyg is a lot smarter than everyone anticipated and has everyone chasing him around the city!

Gotham is comfortably still one of my favourite shows at the moment, even with its cheesiness.

Marvel’s Inhumans

Season 1, Episode 7 – Havoc in the Hidden Land

Inhumans PosterThis week is the first week of Inhumans where I found myself start to truly get gripped by part of the episode.

We see our Royal Family return to Attilan to a hidden bunker that Blackbolt just so happened to have prepared for occasions such as this. What a coincidence!

A parlay is called and our Royal Family meet with Maximus and agree to hand over his scientist in exchange for the throne back and to allow Maximus to go through terrigenesis for the second time. The scientist gets handed over and Maximus immediately rescinds the offer.

Titan corners Maximus and his guards at the end of the episode and after a short fight sequence is captured. Roll credits ready for the season finale next week!

Roll The Credits!

Stranger Things 2 has to be my top show for this week! They took the solid foundations that were laid with the debut series in 2016 and made it bigger and better. I can’t wait to see what comes with Season 3, whenever that may be!

What have you been watching this week? What did you think of the shows above? Would you recommend them to anyone else? Let me know in the comments below or come find me on Twitter!

Until next time.

Mike x

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