My Reaction – The Walking Dead “Monsters” (Season 8 – Episode 3)

The Walking Dead - Season 8, Episode 3

We’re picking back up with The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 3: Monsters. We rejoin our four groups directly after the end of the previous episode where the action continues!

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Spoiler Alert


Team Carol/Ezekiel

Carol and Ezekiel are still in the woods where Ezekiel gives a truly inspiring speech on how they will take each fight one at a time and as long as they stick to their plan, they’ll be safe.

They bait The Saviors whilst also having them surrounded and take out their first group before we see them move through a few more groups via a nice little montage. As they’re celebrating their latest victory (in an open field, no less) the inevitable happens and they’re ambushed. We see some of the king’s bodyguards jump on top of him and we’re left wondering how they’re going to get out of this mess until the next episode.

Team Aaron

We rejoin Aaron as he’s carrying Eric out of the line of fire after realising he’d been shot in last weeks episode. Eric tells Aaron that they rest of the team need him and to leave him there to die.

Reluctantly, Aaron returns and as he does, The Saviors get a call to return to the main building as they’re needed inside so they start retreating. Team Aaron follow them inside to help out some friends.

After giving some friends a helping hand, Aaron returns to the tree to find that Eric has died, turned and walked off towards another group of walkers.


Team Morgan/Jesus

Morgan and Jesus have formed a chain gang of Saviors to march them back to the Hilltop, however, in typical The Walking Dead fashion, things don’t go to plan and they get attacked by a group of walkers. Some of The Saviors take this as their opportunity to escape, however, Morgan gives chase, killing one of them in the process.

Jesus catches up with Morgan and stops him from killing any more of The Saviors. This causes further tension after last weeks arguments over execute or capture which results in a pretty impressive fight between Morgan and Jesus. Jesus has some smooth moves!

After all has settled down, they keep walking The Saviors to Hilltop where we find that Gregory has lobbied Maggie at the door to be let back in. However, he’s not too keen when Jesus turns up with The Saviors and it’s decided to lock them up in the two cabins under constant guard.


Team Rick/Daryl

We rejoin Rick with our surprise return character of Morales. We learn that he never made it to Birmingham and that his wife and daughter didn’t survive either. Morales makes it clear that Negan has ordered that no-one kills Rick, The Widow or The King.

Rick spends his time trying to convince Morales that he doesn’t have to hand him over to Negan, however, Morales raises some very valid points around the morality of Ricks way of living. A shadow appears behind Morales and before we Rick has a chance to stop him, Daryl has put an arrow through Morales.

Knowing that The Saviors are on their way as a backup, Rick and Daryl try to make their way out of the building, however, end up cornered. After fighting a few of them off and running low on ammo, Rick fires at a fire extinguisher to create a cloud and helps them fight the rest of The Saviors by hand while Team Aaron comes through and takes out any stragglers.

Rick sends baby Grace (who he found in last weeks episode) to the Hilltop with Aaron while everyone else slowly leaves. It’s at this moment that someone takes a shot at Rick. It turns out that it was a lone boy. After finding out the guns had been moved just 2 days earlier, Daryl goes back on Ricks promise of not harming this kid and shoots him in down.

My Thoughts

Once again, we had an actioned packed episode, however, it was slightly more story driven this week. We saw a lot of time with Rick discussing history and morals with Morales, as well as the tension between Jesus and Mogan.

There was an overall theme of right vs wrong, which leaves us wondering who are the real monsters are. This is aptly pointed out by Morales when he says he’s not too different from Rick and that they’re both “assholes who will do whatever it takes to keep going.”

This theme is continued across to Morgan and Jesus. After Jesus dodges most of the blows of Morgans staff, he realises that lack of empathy is what’s clouding his judgement. Before walking away, he says “I know I’m not right, but I’m not wrong” showing that although he believes in what he’s doing, there may also be another way but he’s just not 100% sure of what that is yet.

The one thing I was disappointed in is that we haven’t seen Negan since episode one, especially after the cliffhanger with him and Gabriel in the trailer! Fingers crossed we’ll see more Negan next week.

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