My Reaction – The Walking Dead “The Big Scary U” (Season 8 – Episode 5)

The Walking Dead - Season 8, Episode 5

We’re back again with a fairly Negan-centric episode of The Walking Dead! In this episode, we see Gabriel confront Negan to confess his sins, we see the surviving Saviors try and keep The Sanctuary under control, and finally, we see the aftermath of Rick and Daryl’s car chase.

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Spoiler Alert


We start this episode before the events of the start of this season, with Negan, Dwight, Eugene, Simon and a few other of Negan’s lieutenants alongside Gregory pleading his case for The Saviors to spare The Hilltop during the war against Rick. Simon tries to convince Negan that The Hilltop will fall in line, however, Negan doesn’t react too kindly and starts hitting Lucille against the table. Gunfire rings out from outside signalling the start of Ricks attack from the first episode, Mercy.

We jump forward to Gabriel and Negan trapped in the cabin surrounded by walkers. As Negan starts to worry about The Saviors falling apart without him, Gabriel comes to the realisation that God put him in the situation to allow Negan to confess his sins. Negan lets his guard down and Gabriel manages to get hold of Negans gun and escape to the second room of the trailer. Negan opens up to Gabriel about his first wife and manages to convince Gabriel that they need to work together to get out of their situation.

Within the Sanctuary Eugene delivers some cigarettes to Dwight who has been working on a chess set and picks up one of the pieces which results in him getting paint on his hands. Elsewhere there is unrest with the workers as the lieutenants decided to turn off power to conserve resources. The workers head to the second floor, against their normal orders, and demand to see Negan. As the lieutenants try to vouch for Negan and squabble amongst each other, you hear Negan whistle and all the workers drop to their knees as Negan and Gabriel appear covered in entrails.

As Negan orders the workers to resume normal activities they find some of the weapons bags from Ricks crew which they can tell were stolen from the Sanctuary. Eugene notices one of the bags has the same shade paint that Dwight was using on his chess set. In private, Negan tells Eugene that he’ll be rewarded if he figures out who the mole is.

Elsewhere, Rick and Daryl sort through the overturned weapons jeep and interrogate the driver who dies shortly after. Daryl finds a bag of dynamite which he feels could be useful but Rick disagrees. They get into a fistfight and the dynamite ends up blowing up the truck with the rest of the weapons in it. They decided to head back and Rick finds out that his jeep won’t start. Daryl refuses to give Rick a lift and rides off. Rick gets going and spots a helicopter so follows it as the episode ends.

My Thoughts

All in all, I wasn’t bored with this episode, but it definitely wasn’t as good as Episode 4, “Some Guy“. It was great to see the TV show explore the ‘Hello Negan‘ storyline of side comics that show us Negans background. I also enjoyed seeing Sanctuary fall apart without Negan at the helm. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if Rick succeeds in his plan to take down Negan and how the others will react.

Most interesting though is that helicopter. Sure, we’ve seen a helicopter in Fear The Walking Dead, but we haven’t seen any other vehicles other than road vehicles so far in The Walking Dead. I’m curious as to where that has come from and going to, as if it belonged to Negan, I’m sure we would’ve known by now!

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