My Reaction – The Walking Dead “The King, the Widow, and Rick” (Season 8 – Episode 6)


After a Savior-centric episode last week, we head back to our main cast as we see how Alexandria, The Hilltop and Rick are getting on after they ambushed The Saviors as well as how Ezekiel is dealing with the loss of his army in The Kingdom.

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Spoiler Alert


Several days after the start of the war on Negan, we see Rick, Carol and Maggie communicating via letter on their successes and losses. Rick also uses this opportunity to let everyone else know that the next phase of his plan starts in just a few days. He heads off to vis The Scavengers and plead for them to join his cause, showing Jadis the polaroids of his victories. Jadis refuses to join Rick and takes him prisoner within a storage container.

Meanwhile, at The Hilltop, we see Jesus feeding the imprisoned Saviors that he has tied to the outside wall. Maggie isn’t happy and Gregory tries to convince her to build a gallows. Jesus reminds her that killing them all will make her no better than them. Instead, Maggie builds a makeshift cage from barbed wire inside of the community. Maggies gets Jesus to move them inside and then tells Gregory that she doesn’t trust him so he has to go in as well. Jesus thanks Maggie later, although she tells him they’re simply pawns in the game. Aaron and Enid head off on a personal mission.

Over in The Kingdom, Ezekiel has secluded himself in his theatre. Carol looks to get any able-bodied people ready and trained up. Later she walks into the theatre to convince Ezekiel that he needs to lead the Kingdom once again, however, he tries to tell Carol that she is the person who needs to take charge.

Elsewhere, Carl decides to leave Alexandria to go scavenging and runs into Siddiq who he caught a glimpse of in previous episodes at the garage. Carl asks Siddiq the 3 questions and decides to take him back to Alexandria and promises to vouch for him.

Daryl heads back to Alexandria and after tensions with Rick, he decides he needs to take action into his own hands. Tara sees him leaving and asks to go with him. Michonne and Rosita head out to try and find Rick after Michonne feels guilty for urging him off to war. Along their way, they hear loud music playing in the distance. They find two Saviors loading a truck with giant speakers, which I can only presume is the “Fat Lady” that Negan mentions in the previous episode.

Rosita Blows Up SaviorMichonne and Rosita take out one of the Saviors using a rocket launcher in what is possibly the most hilarious death of the season so far. While the other Savior gets in the truck and goes to drive off. Just as Michonne and Rosita think all is lost, the truck gets sideswiped by Daryl, thus stopping the truck and killing the remaining Savior in the process.

The 4 of them head off to Sanctuary where Daryl decides it’s time to take action now and not wait for Rick.

My Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I’m a little torn on how I feel about this episode. While there were some sections that I really enjoyed (Rosita and Michonne), other parts I found a bit fruitless (Carl & Siddiq). Don’t get me wrong, I’m hoping this Carl side story is going lead somewhere interesting, however, as I don’t know the comics that well, I’m really unsure of where he will fit in at this time.

On the flip side though, I loved the little side plot of Michonne and Rosita coming across the two Saviors. As I said in the recap above, the RPG kill was possibly the most ridiculous we’ve seen up to this point, however, I loved it for just that reason. It was a moment of comic relief in what was quite a tense moment. It feels like they just threw TV rules out the window and purposefully chucked in a kill moment that would fit perfectly in a comic book.

As for the rest of the episode, it was pretty much just standard The Walking Dead story telling. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but nothing else really stood out for me. If I’m right, I think there’s only two more episodes left in this half season, so I’m hoping they pick back up again for the conclusion of this All Out War storyline!

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