Westworld – “Reunion” – My Top Moments

Westworld Season Two Episode Two

After a thrilling first episode, Westworld graced our screens again with another stacked episode. It brought characters back to the screen that we hadn’t seen since Season one, as well as introducing newer characters including Logan and young William. So let’s have at it! Here are my top moments, in no particular order.

Spoiler Alert


Evan Rachel Wood as Delores Abernathy

Evan Rachel Wood as Delores Abernathy

Have you ever seen anything so full of splendour? – Delores

We open episode two with Delores in the outside world. What I had assumed was set in post-rebellion times from the trailers, actually turns out to be one of the earliest points in the timeline that we’ve seen so far. A young Robert Ford is getting ready to take Delores out in the background as Bernard shows her the lit up night sky of Japan.

Teddy Gets Woke!

James Marsden as Teddy Flood

James Marsden as Teddy Flood

This was almost a point of comic relief for me, even though it was meant to be a pretty serious part of the episode. Delores leads Teddy down into the lab and proves to him that he’s not as alive as he really thinks.

While James Marsden nails his performance, there was something about his facial expressions that made me have a slight chuckle. The bewilderment alone was worth the laugh.

Logan ‘Hosts’ a Party

Talulah Riley as Angela

Talulah Riley as Angela

A mysterious man named Akecheta, accompanied by Angela, approaches Logan while at a bar and addresses him as “Mr. Delos”. He tells Logan that he’s from The Argos Initiative and wants to talk about Delos investing in the project.


Do you have any idea how many startups are begging me for my cash right now? AI, VR, AR… – Logan

Logan is taken to a cocktail party where Angela is wearing a similar dress to Delores in the opening scene in which Bernard tells Ford that Delores isn’t ready yet. After walking around what appears to be a regular party, Logan soon discovers that everyone there is a host, including Akecheta. It’s safe to say that Logan was blown away and this became one of the defining moments in the episode, showing how Delos first became interested in Westworld.

Dr. Robert Ford: Cameo King

Having already seen Ford return via a host version of his younger self in episode one, it was pretty clear that he is still going to play a big part in Season Two, even though Anthony Hopkins himself has not signed back on to reprise his role. This is where the creators of the show started to get a bit inventive with the many faces of Robert Ford.

The Many Faces of Dr. Robert Ford

The Many Faces of Dr. Robert Ford

The first is Ford as we know him, played by Hopkins in Season one.

Next, we see young Ford as a host as mentioned above.

After this, we have a CGI recreation of a young Anthony Hopkins using a voiceover that Hopkins recorded especially for the show.

Finally, and most excitingly, we meet Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring) as El Lazo, the Revolutionary Leader. However, as The Man in Black starts speaking to him, it’s clear that it’s actually Ford himself speaking.

William tries to recruit El Lazo to his cause, however, El Lazo denies him before shooting himself in the head.

This game was meant for you William, but you must play it alone! – El Lazo

Special Shout Out

It has to be given to the gunslinging scene this week. Considering that Westworld is primarily set in a Western setting, it as fantastic to see Delores, Teddy & Co take down the Confederacy in a good old-fashioned gunslinging.

Cut to black

I Loved this episode if I’m honest. I have so many moments written down that didn’t make my list. From Logan stating “They lit the match” when referring to the Delos investment, all the way up to William and James Delos talking about Facebook/Google-esque data mining from their “users”. The episode was stacked!

Let me know what your favourite moments were in the comments below or tweet me via @8dayssooner!

Have you ever seen anything so full of splendour?

Mike x

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