Game of Thrones – My Top 5 Theories

Game of Thrones - My Top 5 Theories

When it comes to Game of Thrones, there’s one thing for sure. Everyone has their own idea of how things are going to pan out and what the endgame will bring! I’m not one to just sit there and watch the show. I get too involved and find myself looking up theories constantly! Some of which have panned out already and some of which have already been discredited by the actors and even George R. R. Martin himself!

Now, before you read any further, I must warn you that this post is dark and full of spoilers. These will likely be from all 7 TV series so far coupled with possible spoilers for Season 8 (if any of these theories are correct). I’ll even try and correlate information from the books that didn’t make it into the show. Continue reading

Why I’m Voting Labour & Why I Think You Should Too!

Why I'm Voting Labour

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ll know by now that Theresa May has called a snap General Election to be held on June 8th. This post is why I’ll be voting Labour and why I think you should too.

If we’re going to be honest, this a two horse race. The Conservative’s are reportedly ahead of the rest of the pack at the polls and the only party with any hope in catching them is Labour. Between Scotland backing the SNP and the north along with other working class areas slowly turning to other smaller parties, Labour has a tough fight ahead of them… This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Continue reading