Caerphilly Comic-Con


Caerphilly Comic-Con

When Caerphilly Comic-Con was created in 2016, ready for a 2017 launch, I was approached by the founder and organiser Vik. Vik wanted a simple site which could display new announcements which share to the events social media pages, along with other pages to display information about the event.
I built a mainly static site and then integrated an online ticketing system, to allow event visitors to buy e-tickets online in advance.
This site is fully integrated with both the Facebook and Twitter feed for the event.


Example “Appointment” Site

This is a great example of how a one on one business, such as a hair salon, garage, photographer, tutors, personal trainers or any other appointment-based company could utilise a website.
The booking form is fully customisable and can assign work out to employees based on what skills they have.
A payment system can also be linked to allow online deposits or full payments to be made.

Example E-Commerce Site

E-Commerce, or web stores, are a quick and cheap way to sell your products to the masses. I’m able to offer a simple, yet flexible store that is easy to set up and customise to your needs. Once set up, you can offer sales, or vouchers within a few clicks! Check out my example site with a handful of products already loaded on.

Example Cafe/Restaurant Site

This is a fully working website allowing you to add personalised pages detailing the history of your restaurant or any information you may wish to share.
It has a fully integrated table booking system which allows automatic bookings, or the chance for you to manually review and confirm bookings.
There is also the option to add a full menu with pictures, descriptions and prices.