2016 - Sargent Peppers Tribute

2016: A Year in Review

Ah 2016, the coffee stain on the desk that is the 2010’s. It’s certainly been a bit of a weird year! Politics have turned down a road that no-one expected. Not even those leading the way saw this coming! On top of this, there are claims of the year being cursed thanks to a constant…

Distraction Pieces Podcast - Cover

Check it Out – Distraction Pieces Podcast

Come read my latest blog on why you should check out the Distraction Pieces Podcast by Scroobius Pip. Not afraid to discuss the big issues, you find Pip making the big names open up like they’re speaking to a mate over a coffee.

Elderly lady throwing up the devil horns

Being An Adult Is Mandatory. Growing Up Isn’t.

So it struck me the other day that even though I’m technically now an adult, I don’t feel like I’m growing up. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve grown up from my teenage years, but I still feel like I’m in my early 20’s even though I’m bordering 30. The Daily Post is Mind the Gap,…

Negan sizes up Rick and the gang

My Reaction – The Walking Dead (Season 7 – Episode 1)

Well look at that. Dawn is breakin’. It’s a brand new day, Rick! – Negan Warning – Spoilers ahead! It’s safe to say that this episode has gone down as one of the most anticipated episodes in the history of The Walking Dead and it certainly lived up to the wait. After the episode finished…

Mike Colter as Luke Cage

Review: Luke Cage (Season 1 – 2016) **Spoiler Free**

Luke Cage is the newest collaboration from Netflix & Marvel. Here are my thoughts.

Review: Every Time I Die – Low Teens (2016 – Epitaph Records) 

This is a career defining album that plunges Every Time I Die to darker more personal song writing than we’ve heard before, representing the band’s various styles from the last 18 years.

Brexit – My Thoughts & Reaction.

Brexit – My Thoughts & Reaction. From Social Media to Voters Regret to Wales leaving, this is my reaction to Britain leaving the EU.

An Open Letter To The Best Mum I Know…

This is an open letter to the best mum I know… My wife, the Mother of our 3 children. You are the glue to our family and I know that without you, we would have fallen apart a long time ago. You are constantly giving up for us and not in the bad way….

Review: Baking Bad, a recipe book by Walter Wheat

Whilst travelling back from work one day, I tweeted @JustEatUK about a new advert they had hung on the train I was using. Complete with TV Box Set food puns printed on a takeaway receipt, it was a recipe for engagement. @JustEatUK anyone would swear you're trying to sell me something… #AdvertsInTheWild pic.twitter.com/dTLKJets7M — Mike…

All Items - Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh… Hello Disappointment!!

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while so here we go. My next blog post… A review of Hello Fresh! While browsing my emails in early October, I came across my daily email from Groupon full of their usual deals for online courses, gadgets and weekend breaks however this time there was one offer…