Save Womanby Street

Womanby Street

There’s sad news coming out of Cardiff. The Full Moon on Womanby Street has announced they’re closing due to lack of confidence from their creditors. This is the latest blow to hit Womanby Street following the closure of Dempseys and The Moon Club. Alongside this, there have been announcements of both a Wetherspoons hotel and a new residential development planned for the street which puts the rest of the venues under even more threat.

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Keep Live Music, Alive


As you may or may not remember, I wrote a blog post some time back about small live music venues being under threat from closure. In this post, I urged everyone to sign a petition for Urgent Review of the Noise Abatement legislation. This petition is now closed and the Government has replied stating the following:

The law, as currently constituted, strikes the appropriate balance between managing the noise environment and considering the needs of business.

In short, they’re not willing to help keep small venues and live music alive. Frank Turner (Lead singer of Möngöl Hörde and acoustic folk singer) is not happy with this as he thrives and makes his living from live music. Frank has come up with another solution… To adopt the Agent of Change principle! Continue reading