Review: Snatch (TV Series)


If you asked me to name a film that could be turned in to a TV series, Snatch most certainly wouldn’t have been my first choice. In fact, I doubt it even would have crossed my mind! Never-the-less, American TV Streaming company, Crackle, have decided that that’s just what they’d do!

L-R Young Albert Hill, Vic Hill

L-R: Young Albert Hill, Vic Hill

With Snatch being one of my favourite¬†British films, I had to give this a shot and see if it was worth the hype. Snatch the TV Series is loosely¬†based on its movie counterpart from 2000 by Guy Ritchie, in that it’s centred around a heist gone wrong and a thrown boxing match. After that, though, it’s easy to see that this is its own entity. Continue reading